An introduction to Shooting

Including shooting etiquette, safety, gun fit, and basic skills development.

For anyone new to shooting or with limited knowledge and experience, I can train you in all aspects of shooting for both clay and game.

This can be done on a 1-2-1 basis or in a small group, where we will cover all aspects of shooting to include :

All gun types and safety during clay and game shooting, personal protection equipment, gun handling skills, eye dominance, gun fit, physical technique, basic method of shooting, cartridges, chokes, legal requirements and gun cleaning. There are also practical elements during the day.

The training course is delivered as a one day theory course with practical elements. After successfull completion, a personal lesson plan can be discussed and implemented

If this course sounds of interest to you, your friends or family, please contact us via the enquiry form and we can discuss in detail how we can help you start your journey into shooting.

Please refer to my video section to understand some of the considerations that are required before you start shooting safely.

An introduction to shooting with qualified shooting instructor Iain Stirling Shooting Lessons in Sussex | Stirling shooting

Checking your gun and gun fit

Gun fit is so important and without it, you will struggle to shoot effectively and efficiently.
Ensuring your gun's stock length, comb height, cast, pistol grip, trigger position, overall weight and balance including barrell length, suit you for all your shooting and discipline requirements is essential.

At Southdown Gun Club and Shooting School, we have a patten plate and targets to help you achieve this.

Please refer to my video regarding gun fit where I explain how we achieve the perfectly fitting gun.
checking your gunfit checking your gunfit with Stirling Shooting

Review your style and technique

Advise on possible improvements to help you.

During your initial session I will present you with a variety of targets, to review your shooting style and the method/s used. 

This will enable me to evaluate your stance, balance, posture, mount position, shooting approach and technique for taking on the shot.

All shooters are different in all these aspects, what I will be looking to do is to advise and introduce different elements where required, that will improve your target hit rate, and the efficient use of your body and the gun.

Please refer to my video section, to witness different styles and techniques.

Review your style and technique

Introduce you to different methods

This will improve even the most experienced shot.

When setting out on your shooting development, 'method' is the most consistent and effective shooting style to master.  However, several other shooting styles have their place and in some instances an advantage, when employed to shoot clay and game targets.

The timing and utilisation of other techniques will vary from shooter to shooter, the aim being to arm you with a tool box of techniques that will enable you to tackle any target with confidence and effectiveness.

Please refer to my video section to witness various shooting methods being utilised.

Introduce you to different methods of shooting
Introduce you to different methods of shooting | 1:1 shooting lessons

Coach on a variety of targets

We can tackle your nemesis.

When starting out it's very important to build the shooter's confidence by introducing the right variety and difficulty of targets as the shooter develops.

Also the introduction of different disciplines, the best gun setup and unique rules for that discipline, and the best approach to try them is important to give you the best possible shooting experience.

Experienced shooters can struggle with consistency on all sorts of target presentation and disciplines.

These could be any target found on a sporting layout, shooting rhythm on disciplines such as Sportrap and Compak Sporting along with Skeet, and the unique rules and challenges along with gun hold and pre-mount position required for FITASC.

All these things can be coached effectively resulting in a improved performance and consistency.

Please refer to my video section to review many different targets, disciplines and techniques.

coach on a variety of clay pigeon or game targets coach on a variety of targets